Initially using materials lying around the shop ended up being a great idea to produce a practical everyday "go bag" for people of the beach and boating community. Starting with "duck" canvas  (a heavy cotton fiber woven together in an extra dense weave) as a base gave us a natural, weather-resistant fabric that is durable easy to work with and machine washable. In the age where most of us depend on our electronic devices for so many tasks, it's important to know they'll be a little safer from damage. A secondary layer of protection for mobile phones was added by creating an inside pocket lined with Evolution™ microfiber fabric. Evolution ™ not only provides a UPF rating of 180 (more than three times better than the 50+ necessary to block 98% of the sun's harmful rays) but it's layered breathability will keep devices cool and padded against natural motions of life on the water Nylon and nylon blends dock lines to carry and cinch the bags adds superior strength, abrasion, mildew, and rot resistance. It made perfect sense to use these quality canvas shop materials to make a boat bag that could last through weather and time.

It all comes down to this; those who enjoy life on the water like things practical, durable and weather resistant. BoatPac has combined these features into a bag that people will be proud to carry.

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