Our business is based on meeting the needs of the boating and beach community with quality fabrication work and products. Most importantly we do all the production work right here on Kent Island.

There are many good reasons to go to an experienced canvas fabricator for boating needs rather than buying a pre-fab. Mainly, you love your boat. Your boat is like no other and to keep it protected it makes sense to tailor its protection to its exact specifications. Just a small gap in between snaps can leave your boat's surfaces and instruments exposed to elements that can cause early wear and tear. At Island Yacht Canvas you can be certain that we hand measure all our fabrications, an experienced fabricator can make the calls on subtle nuances. This same experience allows us to find the right fabrics and materials to make your custom job last. You can actually see the value. 

Many of us in the boating community know the big names in marine fabrics and materials but may not understand exactly when to use one product over another for certain applications (often on the same job). We discuss each job in detail with the clients to help them understand our recommendations. Call us to set an appointment to discuss your needs.